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SHREDD SOCIETY is a new fitness community founded by WBFF Pro, Nick Upton and Nicole Cassesso.

The goal is to build a community that primarily supports all your fitness aspirations along with creating an environment where your personal goals and talents can be embraced and shared in and out of the gym.

Whether you're looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or just improve your quality of life, our trainers will be here to guide you and support you on your journey.

Our personal trainers provide customized training programs that will lay the path to achieving your goals.
We also offer group classes to keep you moving between sessions!

Join the community @shreddsociety 

1-on-1 training customized for your body and goals.


These small group classes combine HIIT and traditional strength training to burn the max amount of calories and build muscle. 


Reduce pain, restore muscle and prevent injury with multiple recovery treatments. Including Cupping, Massage, E-stim, Assisted Stretching and more.

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