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"I would highly recommend Physica to anyone who needs physical therapy or training. Everyone is very well-trained and knowledgeable. They are kind, patient and the best there is! The therapy is excellent, and I've improved tremendously. I'm extremely happy with the care I've received. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude!”  —  Janice

“Everything was great! I couldn't even walk when I first got here. Now I'm able to squat again and keep up with my young kids. I'm very appreciative of Dr. Hollis and the rest of the staff.”​  —  Charles

"Great experience, one on one attention to one's personal needs." —  Ismael

"Dr. Hollis brought me back to life! I was in a horrible accident in August 2019 and started seeing him soon after. Before that horrible experience I was very active; I trained 5 days a week doing heavy lifting and cardio and worked on my feet for at least 10 hours. I was worried I'd never get back to "normal." Dr. Hollis was very patient with me. He worked with me slowly and progressed me as I started to improve. He pushed me when I needed it and had faith in me even when I was doubting myself. He's extremely knowledgeable and experienced and explained to me what was happening within my body. I've improved so much since I started working with him and I'm eternally grateful for what he's done for me! He and his staff are are amazing and I highly recommend if anyone need a PT to come to Physica. Thank you Dr. Hollis for everything!"  —  Christina

“Dr. Corey and his staff are amazing! Physica is a place where I feel safe and comfortable to train and where I receive therapy for multiple chronic conditions. The staff are educated, knowledgeable, patient and caring. I've been going routinely for a year and plan to continue for decades to come. I've had the best experience and cannot recommend their services highly enough!"​ —  Heather

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